New Products


Fiber Optic Stripping Tool TL-113


Punch Down Tool TL-3141A


Crimping Tool TL-808


Crimping Tool TL-N568CR


Android TV Box AOKTV


Kabel Type C 3,1 to Type C 3,1 1M Websong


Kabel Parallel DB25 M to F 10M


Kabel Parallel DB25 M to M 3M


Kabel Fiber Optic SC/SC 50M


Kabel Fiber Optic SC/SC 100M


Kabel Type C 3,1 F to USB 3,0 Header Websong


Kabel Type C 3,1 F to Type C Header Websong


Kabel HDMI micro M to HDMI F


Connector Audio 2,5 F to 3,5 M


Connector Audio 3,5 F to 2,5 M


Connector RGB F to VGA M


Wiretek HDMI Cable 25M 2,0


Wiretek HDMI Cable 30M 2,0


Wiretek HDMI Cable 50M Over Fiber Optic 2,0


Wiretek HDMI Cable 100M Over Fiber Optic 2,0


Wiretek USB Extension 20M 3,0


Wiretek USB to RS232/RS485/RS422


Wiretek Lightning to HDMI+Power


Wiretek Lightning to VGA+Power


Adaptor 1013 19V 1,3A DC6,0x4,4


Adaptor 1014 14V 1,072A DC6,0x4,4


Adaptor 1015 12V 3A DC6,0x4,4


Wiretek HDMI Cable 10M 2,0


Wiretek HDMI Cable 20M 2,0


Wiretek DVI-D to VGA Active Converter

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